Lowest Mortgage Rates – October 17, 2011

The Lowest Mortgage Rate right now is 2.45% – our 5 year Variable Rate Mortgage. Our Lowest Mortgage Rate for Fixed Rates is 2.59% for a 2 Year Term. At Centum Mortgage Partners, we publish our rates at the start of every week so that you always know what the very best rates are. If you are looking for the lowest mortgage payment and lowest rates in Canada then look no further. If you are thinking of refinancing, purchase a home or renewing your mortgage, don’t make a move until you have spoken to our knowledgeable agents. They can show you how 100′s of our clients have saved thousands of dollars in interest. We also have strategies to pay off your mortgage faster, in many cases in less than 15 years – compared to the typical 25 to 30 years. That means huge savings for you. You can find us at cmpimortgage.com

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